A community volunteering initiative to


About Us

We are three friends who met in Halton (Cheshire) through a fantastic well-being activity for individuals experiencing life changing illnesses, in our case, cancer. We come from very different backgrounds but together developed The Wonky Garden concept to ‘give something back’ to the local community.

Our Aims

In close partnership with volunteers, we will enable the design, creation and nurturing of vibrant community spaces, and school gardens, with an abundance of flowers, fruit and vegetables together with sensory areas for relaxation. The aim is not perfection but more about:



  • Bringing together different generations of volunteers to engage in their surroundings and develop a closer community.
  • Preventing social isolation and combating loneliness.
  • Sharing knowledge and expertise.
  • Enriching school curriculum themes (including science, maths, geography, art, languages).
  • Improving physical health and mental wellbeing.
  • Building life skills (confidence, teamwork, communication).
  • Having fun and... Together creating ‘The Wonky Garden’, making green spaces special places.

We have already generated great interest and have our first three pieces of land in Halton; Grangeway Youth & Community Center, Runcorn; Halton Farnworth Hornets ARLFC and Moorfield Primary School, Widnes.

Preparing the Ground

You can come along and join in with ‘sowing and growing’ or you can simply come and meet others and watch how things develop and transform from a spare piece of land to a unique Wonky Garden!